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A world of my own

Gamers can take inspiration from any number of different sources...

... after all, the fun's the thing.

Just thinking, the mums of the G of T universe must have nursery rhymes that they teach to their own kids.
  • The Kings Landing version of "Oranges and Lemons" taught as a warning to the city's children, on the dangers of running up debts to the Lannisters.
  • A "Doctor Foster" version appropriate to Robb Stark.
  • "The Lion and the Wolf" instead of "The Lion and the Unicorn"
  •  "For the want of a nail" and "The North wind doth blow" might even be unchanged.
Delighted to see G of T back on our screens, we're a few episodes behind in the new series- or to put it another way, we've only got a few episodes left until the end of the current season and having to wait another year for the next!

Happy viewing


The gamer can take inspiration from plenty of different places, including subjects studied at school...

Richard the Third and Macbeth were the two Shakespeare plays I have had the pleasure of studying. Both of these offer ideas and atmosphere for gamers, including "What If" scenarios. The inspiration behind today's strip is of course William Shakespeare's 450th birthday- can you imagine the scale of cake needed for 450 candles? Probably the size equivalent of his second best bed, famously left by Will to his wife Anne Hathaway. Would she have prefered a bed size cake instead?

I have a couple of recommendations at this point;

a) If you've not seen it, look out for the film version of Richard the Third starring Magneto Ian McKellen set in an alternative 1930s fascist England. The plot is unchanged, but the film has a great look, McKellen is terrific..

b) If you enjoy alternative history fiction, try Ruled Brittania by Harry Turtledove. Here William Shakespeare writes for the theatre in an England conquered by the Spanish Armada. 

Happy Shakespeare's birthday.

Happy Easter!

Sometimes a big imagination can be a distraction..

Aaah, the joy of setting up an easter egg hunt for young children to enjoy. In our house when the kids were young, the hunt sometimes came with maps and clues to follow. Fun for the whole family.

Have a great day.

Gaming with Dad

The dedicated gamer will find ways to involve and interest his children in his hobby....

..whether they want it or not!


Two gaming truths this post....

1. Individual figures or squads in a collection can take on personality traits of their own which adds to the Gamer's fun. These range from the heroic (such as regular "Last Man Standing" honours) to the downright incompetent (armed to the teeth with all the dud ammo and every weapon with wonky sights in the armoury). Regardless of which, all are cherished*.

* Or at least raise a wry smile

2. There's always someone to suggest that a Gamer should "clear some space". Usually because the Gamer's collection has outgrown the alloted storage area.

The Battle Plan

The solo wargamer with a big imagination can get his fun at any time- including gaming life!

The upside is of course that he doesn't have to tell anyone else the rules, or even that they are a part of his game.....

Losing of course takes on a whole different meaning!

A Napoleonic wargame surprise

Event cards can introduce surprise and challenge for the solo wargamer, taking his or her game in an different and sometimes totally unexpected direction....