Happy Easter!

Sometimes a big imagination can be a distraction..

Aaah, the joy of setting up an easter egg hunt for young children to enjoy. In our house when the kids were young, the hunt sometimes came with maps and clues to follow. Fun for the whole family.

Have a great day.

Gaming with Dad

The dedicated gamer will find ways to involve and interest his children in his hobby....

..whether they want it or not!

The Joy of Shopping!

One of the joys in being a gamer is finding something he never realised he needed on a trip he never really wanted to go on....

.. a possible downside however is buying plenty of things that he's never going to play with!

Mothering Sunday

Sometimes a partner shares the gamer's hobby...

.. and sometimes not!

There's so much out there!

There are so many great blogs and websites on the internet for the gamer to explore and draw inspiration from. Its also very easy to get sucked in and lose track of time....

I'm often going to bed much later than planned, but not fallen asleep in front of the screen.............. yet!


Two gaming truths this post....

1. Individual figures or squads in a collection can take on personality traits of their own which adds to the Gamer's fun. These range from the heroic (such as regular "Last Man Standing" honours) to the downright incompetent (armed to the teeth with all the dud ammo and every weapon with wonky sights in the armoury). Regardless of which, all are cherished*.

* Or at least raise a wry smile

2. There's always someone to suggest that a Gamer should "clear some space". Usually because the Gamer's collection has outgrown the alloted storage area.

Away from the games table

The dedicated solo gamer can always find a time and a place to play.

It's not only computer gamers that get to use a laptop!