A world of my own

Gamers can take inspiration from any number of different sources...

... after all, the fun's the thing.

Just thinking, the mums of the G of T universe must have nursery rhymes that they teach to their own kids.
  • The Kings Landing version of "Oranges and Lemons" taught as a warning to the city's children, on the dangers of running up debts to the Lannisters.
  • A "Doctor Foster" version appropriate to Robb Stark.
  • "The Lion and the Wolf" instead of "The Lion and the Unicorn"
  •  "For the want of a nail" and "The North wind doth blow" might even be unchanged.
Delighted to see G of T back on our screens, we're a few episodes behind in the new series- or to put it another way, we've only got a few episodes left until the end of the current season and having to wait another year for the next!

Happy viewing


  1. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! I follow over 400 Wargaming Blogs so picking a shortlist of just 11 was really difficult, congratulations. You can see my post listing all my nominations (including this blog) here :

  2. Thank you Lee, I'm delighted to recieve your nomination. Its great to be appreciated.



  3. Excellent, funny cartoons on your blog. I'm glad to have found it with Lee's help.

    Good luck !

    1. Hi Stefan, thank you for your kind words and pleased to meet a fellow "Στέφανος". Yep, that's the original greek name.
      I just laughed out loud when I saw the rude Highlander model on your site, and recommend my other visitors to take a look.
      The web address is

  4. 'A world of my own' Probably the best yet.
    Good laugh.