With a little imagination, the gamer can create variants of existing games...

..providing those old games with a new lease of life.

Aaah Monopoly, the one game that probably every gamer has played at one time or another. 

In my experience, this game is first played as a child with older family members on a rainy or snowy Sunday and then put away and not tried again until the gamer's own children are old enough to be tortured. My own children fell into this pattern, we played this game as a family once and then they refused to ever play again. Apparently I wanted to win too much. 

In our house, this board game is sealed away in the dark, waiting for its time to come again when it will be brought out to spoil a lovely future afternoon for the Grandkids.


  1. In our family it's called "the race to buy Mayfair and Park Lane first". A lot of the air goes out of the tires after that and the game winds up because the kids don't see any point to it any more!

  2. Thanks Johnny, I understand that version! I have lived in the Angel/Pentonville Rd/Euston Rd area a long time ago, so I'll buy out of loyalty... worth bugger all in the game though!