The re-enactment

What's as much fun as gaming with figures of 15th century knights and soldiers?

Last weekend was a public holiday in the UK and the reenactment groups were out in force- huzzah!

At Arundel Castle over last Saturday to Monday, the Raven Tor group fought out an English vs French series of skirmishes, ( ) in what turned out to be varying british weather- ranging from hot and sunny to bleak and drizzly.

We had the luck of seeing the action in the sunshine, so shirtsleeves and sitting on the grass for us and sweltering, clattering of swords, axes, shields, plunging arrows and the boom of cannon fire for the re-enactors. And a blooming good show they put on too, they're back at Arundel in June and if you're able to get there its well worth it and fun for all the family. And there are gardens and a castle to look around as well if that takes your fancy.

The audience were divided into two and encouraged to cheer for their side... being a british crowd it should come as no surprise to hear that when the "French" half of the crowd were initially invited to cheer for the "French", the"English" half of the crowd responded with good natured booing and laughter. Of course after that everyone cheered for both sides proving that we all like to see a man in armour belt another man in armour with a sword.

Made me wonder though, are there re-enactment groups in France where the French line up against the invading English and the crowd boo the English?

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